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Make Your Outdoors Brighter With These 7 Landscape Lighting Ideas

Don’t your outdoors look so wonderful during holidays? Christmas lights, those sparkling fences, illuminated walkways…. Aahh!!!!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every evening looked like Christmas?

Well, not exactly Christmas, but, the best landscape lighting can give that dim vibe. And not to mention, it promotes safety as well.

Advantages of Landscape Lighting

✔Outdoor Safety

✔Night Security

✔Night Entertainment

✔Aesthetic Outdoors

✔Spot Trespassers

At Gorski landscaping, we brighten your landscapes! Yes, of course you want lighting that blends into your landscape design and makes your outdoor space perfectly illuminated. Hence, we have collected a list of lighting designs ides that will help add the perfect spark to your outdoors.

7 ideas to illuminate outdoor landscapes at night

  1. Illuminate the walkways

Making your walkways brighter is the best thing you can do for your outdoors. Not just brighter outdoors, you would be in fact safe at night. Imagine, your kids left a stone on the pathway. As it was darker you didn’t see and tripped off. So, illuminating walkways would indeed be a smart idea.

You are probably wondering “tell me how it’s done”! If you have flower beds across your walkways then install them on the ground on the sides. You may highlight the curves across the stepping stones through the walkways.

Walkway lighting ideas,

  • LED strips
  • Ground spots
  • Light the poles
  • Low wall lights

If you have a backyard feature like a fountain along the key walkways, then landscape lighting from the back entrance to your fence door would look marvelous.

  1. Light up your front garden

You have created your front garden to give a warm welcome to your visitors. So, why let it go in vain when you call guests for dinners?! Brightly illuminate the entrance along with your flower beds. However, we recommend not being over-lit because you want a warm and welcome atmosphere (not a celebration).

Front garden lighting ideas

  • Create a silhouette with surface-level lights
  • Lights with discretion
  • Add flames
  • Festoon bulbs for overhead lighting
  • Lights on statues

Do you have a patio in the front garden? Place the single light in the center above. Above all, make sure it is cozy, welcoming, and safe for visitors.

  1. Highlight living zones

Outdoor entertaining has grown in popularity. With it, the atmosphere of our outdoor living spaces. For example, patios, dining areas, and kitchen areas are receiving greater attention.

We frequently consider these spaces to be outside rooms or extensions of our homes. We gather on patios with friends and family long into the night to socialize and relax. Our outdoor dining rooms are outdoor eating places. So, to them functional at night, both needs subdued, cozy lighting.

Remain at ease if you want to put guests at ease and promote conversation.

Consider using light-diffusing surfaces and gentle, indirect lighting. Landscape lighting companies often install careful pendant lights and ceiling lighting. These are aimed to spotlight faces and objects. In fact, if you strategically place dimmable LED linear lighting and inground lighting you can provide the impression of floating.

  1. Instal, processed lighting on facades and stone features

Almost every house has a facade. Why not make yours stand out with some best outdoor landscape lighting? You may install many small yet effective exterior wall lights. This way, highlight your veranda and rustic brickwork pleasantly.

The best part is, since they are often recessed shape, they won’t obstruct traffic or pose a trip risk.

6 different facade designs and lighting

  • Solid facade lighting
  • Horizontally separated facade lighting
  • Concave-convex facade lighting
  • Window/holes facade lighting
  • Striped-shaped facade

You can keep the design going up and down the levels of your garden. By doing so you can call viewers’ attention to a sizable raised bed and a curve of stone steps (which, in turn, will also help avoid any stumbling mishaps).

Note that, our professionals skilfully incorporate lights into any stone bench or facade. We have nestled light beneath the edge of the seats in the past. Trust us in this, it makes the space really welcoming.

  1. Line lights across your pond

Avoid scattering lights across your outside area. This won’t likely have the dramatic effect you’re going for. Instead, the experts at Gorski Landscaping suggest that before choosing your garden lights, identify which aspects of your garden you want to emphasize.

Check this when the sun goes down and everything’s dark.

It’d be wonderful to pair lights with your backyard pond plans. Ponds look much more stunning and dramatic at night than they do during the day. Additionally, lights will naturally prevent anyone from unintentionally falling in.

You may purchase underwater pond lights to give off a magical glow. You’d just adore the way your pond would complement the dark nights.

  1. Light up the living walls

Have you yet adopted the living wall craze? These elements offer a chic replacement for a simple fence or wall. They are just a terrific method to add more vegetation to a patio. They’re even better if you’re looking for small garden ideas because you can fit more plants.

Any extra floor in your area is saved!

Even when the sun sets, you may still enjoy the lush, jungle-like picture by adding landscape lighting in them (string lights are recommended).

Consider the SAP rule for living wall lighting




  1. Install uplights beneath your trees

With subtle up lighting, even your shortest little tree may come to life at night. If they are next to the wall, then you’d just be blessed with how they would look with lights attached. The elaborate shadow patterns are an added benefit.

You may even attempt the same with potted trees. If you want to give it a shot, landscape lighting companies in Buffalo NY would be at your service.

Start your landscape lighting plan with Gorski Landscaping

In the end, it all comes down to the appearance you want to achieve. Our professionals have been constantly transforming people’s landscapes into the best impressions. Whatever or wherever it may be, call us at Gorski Landscaping to illuminate your landscape.

Call Gorski Landscaping for landscape lighting!

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