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How to Find The Best Landscape Designers?

A visually appealing landscape never fails to please you and your visitors – the credit obviously goes to professional landscape designers. That’s not all! The skills of landscape designers goes beyond just creating an eye-catching landscape. They know how to create inviting atmosphere for your outdoor space.

What to expect from a professional landscape designer?

  1. Site analysis
  2. Planting and garden design
  3. Landscape design
  4. Paperwork management
  5. Construction administration
  6. Final inspection

Out of 16, 000 landscape designers in the USA, finding the best one for your landscape is daunting. We know you want to be as careful as possible. After all, your landscape design is what’s going to create your impression. To help you choose the right one, we have compiled a list of things to consider.

Facts to consider while finding the best landscape designer in NY

✅Check your budget

The first and foremost step is to know how much you can spend on your landscape design. But, it’d be wiser to know that there’s no fixed amount anyone can suggest. Landscaping design is a diverse list of tasks and every feature will cost you differently.

Common features/elements of a landscape design:

  • Patio
  • Planting
  • Lawn
  • Driveway
  • Lighting
  • Water features

And that’s why most of the time your budget often comes down to your taste and the size of your landscape.  In fact, redesigning an existing landscape is even more daunting (especially for new designers).

But don’t worry as such with Gorski Landscaping. Be it new or existing, our designers are experienced enough to give you the best value, at an affordable range. Let’s not budget be the deciding factor while you tie your deal with us.

Make these three lists

 First List: Look across your landscape and find which one of them you want to remove. Create your “TO REMOVE” list of all the things that you’d never use.

Second List: Now create your “TO KEEP” list. Start by noting down every element that you like in your landscape right now. Still fond of that stone-sitting space. Leave it on your list. Maybe we can makeover it with some new features.

Third List: Here, write down your “TO ADD” list. Add every new feature that you’d love in your landscape. It can be a favorite decked-out pagoda, a flower wall, or a skate ramp. You may not know how all these together would make sense. But add it to the list and leave the rest for us!

Done with budget and lists? With both these in mind, finding your desired landscape designers becomes much easier.

Start your research

References from friends and family work. But ultimately, you’d be the one using them, so it makes sense to do your deep research. Are you someone, who’d decide based on photographs?, never do that. Most of the landscaping services photographs aren’t even real.

So how to research then? Of course, one of your key considerations is your landscape design. What you can do is check the top 10 designers in NY. Look at their real accomplished projects. Do these landscape designers’ projects match your idea of the landscape? Make sure it does.

Common landscape themes:

  • English country cottage
  • Mediterranean
  • European formal
  • Japanese Zen
  • American Southwest
  • Tropical or semi-tropical

Only then you can assure that your dream can be true. Our residential landscape designers have been doing multiple projects.

The best part is we even create theme-wised landscaping designs. For example, some of our clients preferred the Mediterranean style, while some others wanted tropical, bush gardens and contemporary native landscapes.

Look for memberships

We’d recommend you to look for landscape designers who are members of national, local, or state associations. With them, you’d get up-to-date info about the current trends. If you find one, you’ll know how they discuss numerous trends.

A trend doesn’t mean just designs. These associations talk about the know-how tricks of safety standards as well. They make sure to abide by the best practices of landscaping design and maintenance.

ASLA-NY: American Society of Landscape Architects New York is an association of authentic landscape designers.

What’s their experience?

It’s very important to know how long has the company been in the industry. So, to know it, ask them right away. Only an experienced professional landscape designer can create the best possible experience for you.

Do you know why experience is so crucial in landscaping?

Let’s think about the outdoor dining area of your friend’s house that you last visited. Or imagine you are in your favorite park. Both these places provoke a special kind of feeling as soon as you recalled them, right?

Experienced landscape designers are always skilled to intentionally create that unique environment. They work by keeping in mind that desired feeling.

Are you looking for an experienced landscape designer? You’ve come to the right place. We have been experienced in creating visually pleasing landscapes for over a decade now.

Customized landscaping design

You should always hire landscape designers who accept customized service. A customized service means you can add every feature as you plan and wherever you like. Not just the features, you can also select their positions in your landscape.

Advantages of custom landscaping services:

  1. Match and complement your house
  2. Get the landscape as per your needs
  3. Correct work done on budget and time
  4. Ecologically sound designs
  5. Increase property value

Thinking of a design? Let’s talk about what’s on your mind. Our landscape designers Buffalo NY are ever ready to listen to your ideas. We’d love to design your imagination.

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We are certainly be the best fit for what you’ve been looking for. At Gorski Landscaping, we have brilliant design ideas and professionals to help design your landscape the way you want. With years of our training and education, our landscape designers can turn your dream landscape into reality within your scheduled time.

Also we offer free estimates in just a call. If you are unsure about our authenticity, you may check our public reviews. Want to check what we did so far? You may check our gallery section to find our past projects right from our website.

Contact prime landscaping for a flawless landscape design in Buffalo NY.

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