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landscape lighting in Buffalo NY

Leading Landscape Lighting in Buffalo NY

You’ve put in all efforts to make your house and yard look exceptional. Why let that hard work disappear at nightfall? With Gorski Landscaping’s landscape lighting in Buffalo NY services, you can roll that darkness back and put your marvelous property on the best display.  

Highlighting your property’s architectural features and drawing attention to prized trees and planting is both strategic and aesthetic. Gorski Landscaping can get you the best of both. We add in the right outdoor house lights to make your yards a lively space. With our landscape lighting services, you can also make your house less of a target for burglaries and vandalism.

Accentuating Natural Charm Of Your Properties

With our landscape lighting in Buffalo NY, we can significantly magnify the natural beauty and features of your property. Our professional landscapers use both LED and low-voltage lights to rightly highlight your home’s architectural elements, gorgeous gardens, specimen trees & water features. Landscaping lighting visually enhances the depth of such natural views and illuminates special features. It can transform an otherwise dark property into a bold, illuminated showpiece.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Lighting

Our landscape lighting in Buffalo NY services is a low-maintenance, non-invasive investment. We install the latest technology lighting with improved fixtures that improve the longevity and quality of light coming from the lamps. These lighting systems use low energy to expend low voltage power.

Gorski Landscaping professionals strategically place outdoor lighting throughout the yard. In that way, you can highlight as many features with the lowest lighting bulbs. Landscape lighting also increases your property value by manifold. We know how to showcase the best features of your home’s exterior and surrounding landscaping.

What Makes Us Unique?

Gorski Landscaping team has been providing premium landscaping, hardscaping, installation, drainage and grading services in and around Buffalo, NY, for more than a decade. Our team of the best-skilled gardeners and landscapers that have helped thousands of client’s transform their outdoor space for years. Our quality and our customer service speaks for itself. We don’t lecture, we deliver!

Our team members are professionally trained and have glorious experience in landscaping-related work.

Industry-standard top-quality products that require less maintenance and remain attractive for a long time.

No matter what time of the day or day of the week, our team is always available at your service.

Gorski Landscaping is a licensed landscaping company in Buffalo NY and all our workers maintain up-to-date insurance.

Our team is always available to help any of our customers with all of their landscaping needs.


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